Point Zero Titan Solar Generator Review [3000 Watt]

In the face of adverse global energy emergencies and mounting harmful material issues, we can save the world using renewable energy. Practicing environmental safety means utilizing environmentally friendly power energy, for example, solar power, as an alternative to the draining electrical inventory that we have depended on for such countless years to power our homes, henceforth run our lives. The expense of energy, the fact that we just noticed Earth Day, and plain old social awareness are valid reasons to want to get a Titan Solar generator.

Review Summary

3000 Watt Titan Solar Generator – A Quick Look

Titan Solar generator, in plain terms, is a solar panel, or set of panels that are mounted so they can absorb the energy from the rays of the sun and convert those rays into energy that can be utilized to help power or partially power your home and its electrical requirements.

One thing that attracts people to solar is that it is free. Once you manage to get the gatherers made, there is nearly nothing if any maintenance is expected to keep them operational, which is excellent in today’s bustling existence. There is barely any opportunity for things. They also last quite a while, and a thirty-year life span isn’t remarkable.


  • Flexible Battery
  • High Power Output
  • Multiple Inputs and Outputs
  • Dual MPPT Charge Controller
  • Informative LCD Screen


  • It is a bit heavy to use


  • Battery Voltage:4V
  • Weight: 35lbs
  • Maximum charge current: 40A
  • Suggested continuous Discharge: 1500 watts
  • Size: 12×18.5×4.5 in
  • Battery capacity: 74Ah
  • Maximum continuous Discharge: 100A
  • Maximum surge discharge current: 300A


Low-Cost Running

Imagine with just daylight alone one can prepare meals without the concern of exorbitant fuel cost. With the assistance of a solar cooker, you can bubble eggs, bake treats, or roast chicken. Very much like regular electricity, daylight can run family electrical appliances like vacuum cleaners or the refrigerator and is similarly as compelling in illuminating a home on the cloudiest day and maintaining a heating system on the coldest evening. And, this is made conceivable with the utilization of the Titan Solar generator.

Durable Construction

A 3000 watt titan solar generator is a solar panel made up of photovoltaic cells. These cells may also be found in electric gadgets like the solar lamp and the solar calculator. The photovoltaic cells gather light energy or photons from the sun and convert them into electricity without emanating any harmful gases, dangerous poisons, and other pollutants.

One of the beneficial features of these cells is putting away power for later use around evening time. An inverter allows the put-away energy to be utilized when necessary.

Energy Efficiency

Aside from its constructive outcome on the climate, the Titan Solar generator, as a clean, renewable energy producer, carries with it many practical advantages and arrangements. Most importantly, daylight is an abundant wellspring of energy – you do not have to stress over it running out. It just takes a little daylight for a solar power panel to work, and with this at hand, electricity is made accessible at low expenses.

With solar energy to power our families, gone are the days of out of this world electric bills and conditions on electric companies for electrical power supply. After all, there is no per-unit rate for solar energy, and it takes a small amount for the maintenance of a solar power panel.

Why should you buy Titan Solar Generator?

You may be thinking about the advantages of Titan Solar generator compared to one filled with propane, natural gas, diesel, or gasoline. There are many reasons why this type of generator is a more attractive choice. As far as safety, comfort, and accessibility, the green alternative is unquestionably the most beautiful.

Low Noise

A regular generator can be amazingly loud and would typically give out a ton of toxic emanations. Thus, they ought to be located away from a property, perhaps in a toilet or shed. As the fuel wellspring of gasoline or propane-powered plan is profoundly burnable, they are vital to avoid the heat and other potential mines of start. With the green alternative, there is no such issue.

Consumes Less

As petroleum derivatives’ expense is ascending continually, running a regular generator can hardly be called cheap. Be under no hallucination that the cost of fuel will descend. Later on, it will not. By changing to a renewable energy-powered plan, you do not have to stress over the fuel’s expense.

Also, in a crisis, you would not have to think about where you will get a jug of propane or a couple of liters of diesel from. The sun will give you the energy source that you need.

Great for Indoor use

There are Titan Solar generator plans that are worked for different purposes. For example, suppose you love to invest energy outdoors, perhaps on camping or fishing trips. In that case, a portable generator can help guarantee that you can utilize a couple of electrically powered things, like a bunch of lights, a radio, and a phone. You would not have to stress the batteries are going flat on your camera or other gadgets regardless of how long you are in the wild.

How does Titan Solar Generator work?

Electricity is precious to humans. Most instruments use electricity to work. There are a ton of assets for generating electricity, one of which is the utilization of solar energy.

The source of Power

The sun is a solar energy source that can produce electricity using a Titan Solar generator. This transmits the sun’s heat into electricity using photovoltaic (PV) or concentrated solar power (CSP).

Working Mechanism

A Titan Solar generator works with the utilization of a solar panel, battery, and inverter. A solar panel is an instrument that gathers the light of the sun. This can be PV or CSP. Photovoltaic (PV) is a solar cell that uses photoelectric impact to change over light into electricity. Then again, concentrated solar power (CSP) uses focal points or mirrors to gather the daylight to be changed over electric flow. The solar panel should be situated in an area that is, for the most part, presented to the sun. It should be located at a 20 to 50 degrees angle to gather the sun’s energy well.

Power Storage

A battery is another part of the Titan Solar generator. The battery works as a storage gadget for the gathered electric flow from the sun! This is essential, especially during the rainy season or the colder time of year season where the sun isn’t available all the time. Regularly, the battery is 12 volts. In this manner, the solar panel should gather 12 volts or more all together for the Titan Solar generator to work. A voltmeter is essential to measure the approaching and active electric flow of the solar power generator.

Inverter technology

An inverter is a generator that changes over the direct current (DC) gathered from the sun to alternating current (AC). The most family gadget uses alternating current hence it makes the inverter important.

Safe Environment

These lithium ion solar generators are savvy and an environmental gadget. Aside from it saves cash, it is also portable somewhat. This can be utilized in camping and fishing activity. The sun’s availability (rainy season, winter season, evening) can be the disadvantage of the Titan Solar generator.

Rules about Titan Solar Generator Installation

When installed, a solar power generator will give persistent electricity at no expense at all. The only prerequisite is a lot of daylight. Solar energy is a clean and renewable power source, and many nations are encouraging people to put resources into purchasing their solar power generator.

Certain nations’ governments also offer financial motivators to people if they choose to have generators installed on their homes. No one wants to pay increasing electricity bills, and solar energy is fast turning into a viable and affordable alternative to coating the pockets of the multi-billion dollar power companies.

Is 3000 Watt Titan Solar Generator a good use of Renewable Energy?

We regularly hear about how oil and nuclear power utilized as fills sources damage the planet, also the dangers regarding danger to the general society through oil slicks and nuclear accidents. Solar energy is an excellent power source. It utilizes light obtained from the sun to generate free electricity, and a solar generator will keep on giving this free electricity as long as the sun keeps on sparkling.

The sun isn’t probably going to disappear any time soon, so it is very safe to say that solar power is renewable. Be that as it may, we can’t say the same about oil or gas because there is a limited stockpile of these assets, and eventually, they will run out. So by going solar, people are not just aiding themselves by lessening their bills. They are also decreasing the amount of electricity utilized all through the national power network.

Electricity today is mainly generated by hydroelectric or nuclear power stations. There is a massive environmental impact on our planet from these solar power stations, and the results, for example, global warming and exhaustion of natural assets, will affect generations to come.

As of not long ago, as a civilization, we have been prepared to pay this cost. Be that as it may, central Governments have met up and agreed to attempt to discover alternative ways to generate electricity, trying to help save the planet throughout the last couple of years.

Innovation in Titan Solar Generator

Nowadays, a vast number of people have made the change to solar. It isn’t exceptional to walk down a road in any town and see several houses with solar panels on their rooftop or in their yard.

People are tired of paying the excessive energy costs and are increasingly putting resources into their solar power generators to produce their free electricity. For a relatively small oddball price, they can have one installed to meet their electrical necessities the entire year-round. Sometimes, they are even able to sell the overflow electricity they generate back to the power companies.

Usually, when one family has a solar power generator installed in the area, expression of how much cash is saved before long gets around, and other householders get in on the act. The money saved on charges means that the initial venture of installing a solar power generator can be recuperated in a year or two, so there is little doubt that it makes sense to go solar.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the Titan Solar Generator enough for your home?

Let’s be fair. The Titan Solar Generator does come up with a max power capacity of 3000 Watts. Having so much power should be enough for you to get your home going. Usually, having such high authority should be good enough for your commercial requirements as well.

  1. Can I add lithium batteries to this Generator?

The lithium ion solar generator does come with PV cells where the power is stored. However, if you wish to add more leverage, you can easily add rechargeable Lithium batteries to Titan Solar Generator. It should not be a complex configuration to make at all.

  1. What is the recommended power consumption for lithium ion solar generator?

The point zero Generator is a great device to have for peak hour requirements as well. However, every solar generator comes with a maximum power capacity. It is best to use consumption of lower than the maximum capacity. The manufacturers have claimed that this Solar Generator comes with a recommended output f 1500 watts.

Final Verdict

There are many things that you can do with these Solar generators. If you have the available space for the panels, the amount of energy you can get and the amount of actual cash savings you can generate are restricted simply by the number of meetings you wish to rise. You can start small and expand as time and finances allow, but there is no greater chance to start than now.

Given the relative ease of development and the regenerating advantages that can be realized from a solar generating system, it makes sense for anyone to investigate it regardless of the scale, whether it is too balanced the service charges a little or to attempt and wean your home off of reliance on purchased electricity, it simply appears ok to invest on Titan Solar generator.

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