Are Solar Panels so Expensive? Reason Behind This

Ever imagined what will be your monthly costs after installing a solar panel heater in your home? An average home in the USA consumes about 850 kWh of electricity. This is solely for residential uses.

According to this data, any home’s average family pays up to $200 every month to wave off their electricity requirements. Now consider comparing it to zero monthly bills from your pocket. Interesting right?

This is where installing solar panels could do wonders for your home. Solar panels are a bit expensive at an initial cost, but nothing can be more cost-saving than having solar panels for your home once you are done with the setup.

If you wish to know more, this guide on why are Solar Panels so Expensive will surely let you understand better!

Why are they so Expensive?

There are several reasons why the solar panel cost is so high. Solar power is starting to be executed to an ever-increasing extent since the demand has increased, so it has the cost for the parts utilized to make solar panels.

As of late, solar power has started to gain a great deal of attention, even though the innovation has been around for quite a while. A couple of large companies that are engaged with this business can dominate the market.

Since there is such restricted rivalry in this market, these organizations can raise the cost past the expense of making these solar panels and items.

The Solution

The uplifting news is you do not have to pay for the extraordinary solar panel cost these companies are charging. There are cheaper ways of doing it. Perhaps the ideal ways of setting up your solar panels are by doing it yourself.

It isn’t simply enjoyable to do, yet it will save you a huge load of cash. More on that in a moment, I will first explain somewhat more about what I meant by the over the top solar panel cost I was alluding to.

You see, these companies know that making and setting up your own solar power system sounds exceptionally complicated and included, even though, in all reality, it is really very straightforward.

Since the vast majority are accustomed to spending a lot on electricity each and consistently, they know that they can pull off a larger initial cost. Basically, to have these organizations come and install your solar panels and set up the system, what amount will it cost you? If you are simply hoping to set up a fundamental system to assist cut with downing your electric bill somewhat, it’s gonna cost a few thousand.

If you have a large home or want the system to cover your electric necessities totally, you are taking a gander at spending anywhere from thirty to 40,000. This is what I was alluding to before when I notice the restrictive solar panel cost.

Make Your Own Solar Panels

What if you didn’t have to pay the high solar panel cost that these companies are charging? What if you could arrange these solar panels without help from anyone else. What if it cost you less than 200 dollars? Under $200 doesn’t appear to be potential, does it? The reason it very well may be done so cheap is that all you need to make these solar panels can be found at your local stores, and assembling them is much less complex than it sounds. However, please don’t wait too long or it won’t last. The cost of the parts you need is already on the ascent as an ever-increasing number of individuals start to take control of their energy needs and execute solar power in their homes.

How to Calculate Solar Panel Watt Costs?

1 – Calculate Daily Power Used

To do this, get your last 12 month to month power charges and calculate your average kilowatt-hour (kWh) usage per month. The reason we utilize 12 is that our power utilization fluctuates with the seasons. Yet, if you do not have all your power charges, then basically utilize last month’s one.

Then separation your month-to-month usage by 30 (the average number of days in a month, to get your daily power utilized.

– So, for example: If you have a month-to-month power utilization of 800 kWh, then your daily amount is 800/30= 26.7 kWh per day.

– Now, if you want to halve your power charge, then you need to deliver 26.7/2 = 13.4 kWh of solar panel watt power per day.

2 – Calculate Total Solar Panel Watt Needs:

To do this, you first need to decide the number of usable hours of daylight your area gets per day. This is the place where a solar insulation map proves to be useful – you can see one from our original article on our site.

When you know your daily daylight hours, return to your daily kilowatt-hours required and partition it by the daily daylight hours, then multiply it by a factor of 1.25 (takes into account energy misfortunes from the solar panel watt wiring, battery, and inverter)

– Continuing from our example: Our solar panel watt needs equal:

  • 4 kWh/5.5hrs x 1.25 = 3.045 kW or 3045 Watts per day.
  • This means we need solar panels with the capacity to deliver at least 3045 Watts of power.

3 – Calculate Solar Panel Watt Costs:

This progression will help you work out the expense of the solar panels expected to make 3045 Watts of power. Right now, the most elevated average expense for solar panels in the US is $4.85 per watt.

– In our example: It will cost us at the most 3045 x 4.85 = $14,768 to install solar panels to halve our power bill. And that’s before wiring, charge regulators, batteries, inverters, and electrician costs.

What do you need to keep in mind?

Solar power electricity systems capture the sun’s energy utilizing photovoltaic (PV) cells, which are panels that can be attached to the rooftop or walls of your home. The cells convert the daylight into electricity, which can run family unit appliances and lighting.

Commercial, professionally installed 2KW home solar power systems cost in the locale of $19,000/£12,000 (counting taxes), and it takes approximately 12 – 15 years to recover these expenses through fuel charge savings. A great many people cannot in any way, shape, or form afford this amount of interest in their property, particularly in the current financial downturn, so they are going to alternative ways to cut their fuel bills and help the climate.


Consider having solar panels as a one-time investment that will profit you for years. Installing a solar panel will provide your hours of comfort, and you wouldn’t even have to pay huge electricity bills.

The usage of high-purity silicon turns out to be the main component of any solar panel. Since they are expensive, the entire unit of your solar panel is also much higher. Consider giving an upfront cost and also give you a great result.

Several factors determine the costs and if it sounds good for you, get one solar panel now!

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